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Landscape Design

Total Outdoor Creations can refer you to one of our highly recommended Landscape Designers who will help design a functional and practical outdoor living space to suit your budget as well as your home.

Landscape Construction

Earth Works
Clearing, creating levels, sands & top soils.
Soil Preparation
Essential to the success of your garden / plants.
Feature walls, retaining walls, garden beds.
Any design you require complimenting the style of your home.
Expand your outdoor living and entertainment space.
Pool Surrounds
Complete your pool with a style to suit your needs.
Essential to the survival of your garden.
We can determine the right lawn to suit your needs & environment.
Extensive range of quality plants & trees from reputable wholesale suppliers.
Large variety of mulch essential to the health & maintenance of your garden.
Water Features
Water adds tranquil energy to any garden.
Garden Ornaments
Pots, Urns, Sculptures to suit your garden style.


Contact our office to arrange a free quote for any project you require.
Please note that for a complete landscape construction quote we supply detailed and itemised quotes however we only quote from professionally prepared landscape plans, not concept plans or site discussions as there are too many variables. Concept plans or sketches lack detail and specifications and therefore an accurate quote cannot be made. To avoid stress and unexpected expenses it is recommended that the job is properly designed from the start.